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LIIFT 4 Meal Plan with Recipes (Week 1)

I am super excited to be starting LIIFT4 tomorrow - it has been months since I sat down with a plan or used my portion fix container (slacker, I know) - I have slacked big time on my nutrition and my workouts so the timing for this is perfect! The LIIFT4 meal plan focuses on macros to get you max results fast! I am going to prep my lunches and breakfasts so I am ready to go come Monday!

Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips


Download Meal Plan


My plan account for Sunday night pizza meal and I may indulge in dessert - here are a few of my favorite (YET STILL CLEAN) treats


Not on the LIIFT4 train yet ...keep reading for more info!

Who will love LIFT 4?

  • Women looking to tone up and get a sculpted body.

  • Men looking to build mass and get ripped.

  • Intermediate to advanced exercisers.

  • Someone who gets bored doing the same routines (new workouts every time!)

  • Anyone looking to get in an AMAZING workout in just 30 minutes

How long are the LIIFT 4 workouts?

They range from 30-40 minutes.

What to Expect from the LIFT 4 Workouts

Because you’re only working out 4 days a week, Joel makes every second count during each workout; they’re structured to keep you lifting on pace and constantly moving, while timed rest periods allow you to catch your breath before attacking each set.

Joel believes if you train smart you’ll never overtrain. Three recovery days a week give muscles time to repair so you can push harder, lift heavier, and get better results faster.

There are two phases for maximum results: For the first 6 weeks, you’ll build, cut, and define your body, followed by 2 weeks to burn through calories and fat, revealing your ultimate physique.

And since a hardworking body needs fuel, we’ve put together a LIIFT4 Nutrition Guide to make sure you’re getting all the protein, nutrients, and healthy carbs you need for your best results.

Here’s a quick sneak peek!


Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips

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