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Tips for Staying on Track from Fellow Mom / Fitness Bloggers who know!

Need some advice on how to not let the "I'm too busy" excuse get the best of you?

Read here what works for our team of fitness bloggers .....

Planning ahead is KEY. Schedule everything ahead of time so you’re not tempted to stray from the plan. Plan your meals and shop for the ingredients ahead of time. Keep freezer meals stashed away in case you run into a snag. Plan the time you’ll work out each day so you’re not tempted to talk yourself out of it. Being prepared is the secret sauce! — Kim Danger, Blogger at and

My best advice for when life gets busy is to utilize your Crock Pot! I like to spend a little time on the weekend making a meal plan, grocery shopping and prepping for the week ahead. On those busy days you just dump in the ingredients, set it on low, and walk away for several hours. When you come back, your meal is finished and crucial early evening hours are free, which is a great time to sneak in a workout! — Nicole Bardugone, Blogger at

What I have found to work for me is scheduling my workouts. I know how important they are to my health and happiness so I treat them like other important things in my life like doctor’s appointments. I would say THE most helpful this with this is having access to so many workouts from home on Beachbody on Demand. If I’m following a program I check and see what workout I am supposed to do that day push play and GET IT DONE!! — Jennifer Richards, Blogger at

I think it’s all about prioritizing. My life is incredibly busy and I don’t prioritize cooking. However, I consume healthy, clean foods. We are living in a world where it is, thankfully, easy to buy a green juice and a organic quinoa bowl. I manage to stay on track with eating healthy because of the availability of information. I consume valuable wellness and fitness content on a daily basis and know the importance of eating healthy. Also, I know that if I work out a lot, there will only be results when it is combined with healthy eating. I prioritize my time to work out. Again, the reason I do this is because I consume inspirational material on how much working out affects all areas of life and that results are not just in the mirror. I make it a priority. I plan my schedule for the week every Sunday and plan my work out time as if it were an important business meeting that cannot be cancelled or rescheduled often. — Ivonne Ackerman, Blogger at

I tend to get up super early to get a workout in, then try to be as active as possible throughout the day. For example I walk into work everyday or cycle too. I know we can all be busy but there are lots of ways to sneak in some activities​! — Annie Bean, Blogger at

I schedule it into my weekly schedule like it is work and it is non-negotiable to not show up. I will usually schedule one extra day scheduled in that allows me some flexibility when my sleep starts to suffer. I use multiple kitchen gadgets such as a rice cooker, a pressure cooker, steamer, and crockpot to help make me as efficient as possible to be able to prep for the entire week in as little as two to three hours. – Megan Barndt, Blogger at

I think prep and plan is key. Meal planning even if you can’t prep is great to save you time in the grocery store, time figuring out what to eat daily. Working out it’s very easy to find quick efficient under 30 minute workout that have long lasting results. — De Bolton, Blogger at

I designate Sundays for meal prep. No excuses. I prep homemade Protein Squares for an easy go-to snack when I’m running out the door to baseball practice, softball, or dance with my kids. If I can’t make it to the gym, I put together a quick 20-30 min total-body workout at home. I do have weights, a yoga mat, and bosu ball at home. But you do not always need those things. There is plenty body weight exercises that are just as effective. My advice to former clients was to cut excuses and just get it done! – Jennifer Sikorski, Blogger at


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