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6 Ways to Get Motivated for a Morning Workout

Ever notice that when you exercise in the morning, you feel more alert and productive all day? Studies show that exercising in the morning will jump-start your metabolism, and keeps you burning calories at a higher rate all day! But we all know the struggles of waking up early to go workout. Morning workouts are all about fighting with your inner voice that keeps telling you to go back to sleep, hit snooze a couple more time, stay cozy in bed. You'd be surprised by how the simple act of changing your behaviors can change your thinking. Silencing that inner voice with these tips that will hopefully get you off your feet and motivated for that morning workout.

Prepare the night before: To make sure you follow through with your exercise routine in the morning layout or better yet sleep in your workout gear! Making sure your equipment is laid out the night before will save you time and the morning and give you one less excuse as to why you can not get your butt up!

Move your clock: Make sure that alarm clock is sitting at the other end of the room. Making sure you have to get up to turn it off will let your brain know it is time to get wake up. If you use an alarm that plays music, set it to a song from your workout playlist to help get you in the mood for exercise.

Let the light Shine: Once the alarm clock is shut off and you’re on your feet, turn on the lights. The brightness will send message to your brain to wake up and be alert to whatever is happening.

Listen to music: Listening to music in the morning is a great way to get in “the zone” before a workout. Music can definitely help you out, but it needs to be the right song. Something that gets you head in the right space can really make a difference.

Take a PreWorkout: HELLO ENERGIZE aka my best friend..... this delicious drink will release the right amount of chemicals into your body to get you mentally and physically prepared for morning butt kicking. If you follow me on FACEBOOK you know I have even been know to take it to do laundry!

Schedule It: At the end of each week sit down and create your workout schedule for the coming week. Tell yourself, for example, “This week, I’m getting up at 6 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and pushing play to workout X, Y & Z .Schedule your morning workout just as you would an appointment. You’re more likely to follow your morning workout routine if you write it down.


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