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Resolution Reset: Tips for Staying on Track

Many people are faltering with the resolutions they set at the beginning of the year. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who struggles with staying on track with their health and fitness goals? We asked professional wellness coaches that question, and this is what they said:

“Make small resolutions. Easy things you can accomplish each day that will compound into new habits.” — Jennifer from Fitness Into Your Day

“One day at a time. Anyone who’s ever struggled with an addiction is taught to take the future just ONE day, maybe even one hour at a time. Then we create a circle of loving, supportive, accountability partners who help you to stay on track each day. Today is THAT day! Choose to move your body in a challenging way, choose to fuel your body with optimal nutrition & choose to expand your mind to say: “Today is my day to make healthy living a lifestyle!” — Molly from Strong Heart, Mind and Body

“Tell people so you can be accountable.” — Kia from Journey to a Healthy Self

“Set mini-goals, for example, instead of saying “This year I want to lose 30 pounds.” start small and break it down into monthly and weekly goals. “This week I want to lose 2 lbs” sounds a lot more reasonable than the previous goal. That way you can celebrate your mini-goals along the way for a little added motivation. And don’t forget, it’s not all about the number on the scale! A goal can be as simple as adding one more fruit or veggie to your diet each day, getting in 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 days a week, getting 8 hours of sleep a night, etc.” — Leah from Brownell Bootcamp

“Accountability– this is key! If you have someone else depending on you or watching you, it motivates you to the be the best! And with accountability comes a community of like minded people, this leads to encouragement, as well!” — Kimberly from KM Fit Mom

” Invest in yourself with Personal Development. Start with reading the Compound Effect. Instead of jumping feet first at 110%, make small daily changes. Those small daily changes will eventually add up and your likely to stick with it because you will not become overwhelmed or stressed out. You also become stronger from the inside and realize that it is not all about the scale.” — Carrie from Journey to a Happy Life

“Remember why you started and don’t give up. To accomplish anything you really want you need to work.” — Karen from Healthy Fit Fix

“Planning ahead! Even if you just plan 3 days at a time, when it’s written down and you have what you need to make it happen, you are so much less likely to say, “Screw it, call in a pizza!” Keep it SIMPLE, at least to start out.” — Melissa from Fixin’ to Move Mountains

“Find someone to support you and keep you inspired and on track! When going at it alone doesn’t work finding a friend who has similar health and fitness goals as you can make all the difference. Accountability and support is the reason I always struggled to reach my goals prior to starting our challenge groups, turns out lack of support is the number one reason people don’t achieve their goals at the level they are capable of. Surround yourself with others who will lift you up and support you and it will make staying on track that much easier!” — Nicole from Hustle and Heart Fitness

“You just have to start, give yourself a break, take one day at a time and ask for help!” — Lucy from Dedicated Deity Fitness

“Write it down! Create a vision board. Include your goals and incentives for reaching those goals! And make a checklist of those goals, so that as you reach them you can physically check them off! It will give you a visual of your progress!” — Elizabeth from Blondie Fitness

“Support is key!! Surround yourself with those who want to see you succeed and they will keep you motivated!” — Rachel Rademan Fitness Mommy

“Have a clear reason WHY you are setting the goal. It has to be meaningful, emotional. Imagine what it will feel like reaching that goal and how it will improve your life. Then, make it a non-negotiable in your mind. Don’t allow negative-self talk to prevent you from reaching it.” — Kim from Beach Ready Now


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