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80 Day Obsession Transformations

They DID IT!!! They showed up every day for 80 days and crushed their goals with Autumn Calabrese's newest program 80 Day Obsession! It was 93 days of total commitment to showing up every day and giving their all in 80 different workouts that got progressively more challenging (and exciting), 93 days of focused, timed nutrition (you’ll learn more about that soon) and all the lessons on the importance of self-care. Can not wait to get my hands on this program!
When Will 80 Day Obsession be Available?

80 Day Obsession will be available in real time on Beachbody on Demand beginning January 13th. Each day of the week (Monday-Saturday) a new workout will be posted, so you’ll get to go through the program with Autumn & the Cast as if you were in the actual test group! Of course, you can begin at any time after January 13th too and the workouts will all continue to be available to you!

The packages which include Equipment will be launching December 14th!

What Can I Expect From 80 Day Obsession?

Workouts will average between 45-60 minutes in length. You will be exercising 6 days per week, with Sunday as a rest & recovery day!

The workouts will combine cardio & strength training in order to burn fat and sculpt & tone your muscles to build a defined core & firm, shapely lower body.

You will need minimal equipment, including dumbbells, a resistance band & sliders (or you can use paper plates like I do!)

80 Day Obsession Nutrition

If you’ve done any of Autumn’s programs in the past, you’re already familiar with her Portion Control approach when it comes to Nutrition. You can expect a very similar approach for 80 Day Obsession, but Autumn herself says that during 80 Day Obsession, she really digs deeper into the nutrition aspect and goes beyond the container system. She refers to the 80 Day Obsession Nutrition Guide as being more about “Timed Nutrition”, meaning she will be explaining the optimal things to eat before/after your workouts, as well as timing your food throughout the rest of the day. This means that literally NOTHING is left to a guess and you will know exactly what to be eating & WHEN in order to get the best possible results!

Program Highlights -

  • Simple Timed Nutrition (what’s the best things to eat when? When should I eat my carbs? or my fruit etc etc.... basically our detailed plan tells you what fuel, food aka macros to eat and when and why. We also have made this Incredibly Simple to follow )

  • Build a firm, rounded butt and burn away tons of calories to reveal stronger, leaner, flatter abs

  • Train your body to be functional. To move properly with ease

  • You’ll be following a specially calibrated macro-nutrition plan perfectly timed to produce amazing results and to GET RID OF CRAVINGS at each phase of the program

  • Progression TRAINING ...yes this lights me UP!

  • Build on fitness, nutrition knowledge and...

  • You will never see the same workout TWICE!!

  • Access to the workouts via streaming or download to your devise of choice (Apple TV, chrome cast, smart phone, completed, tablet..whatever technology you use these days to workout from home, gym, travel, yard, boat etc..)

  • The most important part....personal development workshops and reading material to work on your confidence, self care, motivation, self love, happiness, time management and to learn how to ditch any all-or-nothing attitude.

Really.. this is about working on increasing a certain level of obsession for yourself, making yourself a priority and your self care a key part of your wellness. There will be NO starving want results, you want change, you want to break your plateau, your want to be strong, you want lean muscle mass for health, you want to loose a lot of weight... You need to promise YOURSELF you will give it your all!!


Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips

This is for anyone who wants to come in with a positive mindset. As in “I want to see what I can do. What I am capable of. What I do deserve”!!!

Here are a few examples of fellow coaches results from the 80 Day Obsession coach test group::::::


Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips

Are looking for a coach, friend, someone to relate to YOUR struggles, celebrate your victories and overall SUPPORT your journey????

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