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VIP - Black Friday Deal - This Friday ONLY!

I know that the holidays are a time where it can be easy to spiral out of control with nutrition and fitness with all the holiday parties and events. I am hosting my Healthy Holidays group from the 27th of November until Dec 31st to help you practice the 80-20 rule, give you helpful tips to keep your exercise and nutrition in check but still enjoy all the things you love about the holiday season. You can still drink your wine and keep up your results.

AND .... because who doesn't LOVE a good Black Friday Deal ?

This Friday ONLY I am running a special for anyone who purchases a challenge pack or Shakeology on HD/Daily Sunshine HD & will get a $20 Amazon gift card to use towards your holiday purchases. There are only 5 available and the first to make the purchase will get the deal. The offer begins on Friday morning at 8:00 am EST.

So now is the time! If you want to take advantage of this special offer please let me know (EMAIL) and I can get you the exclusive link to get your deal!

Have a wonderful holiday!!!



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