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Vegan Shakeology - Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Vanilla Vegan and Café Latte Vegan Shakeology® are here! Now you can enjoy a vegan shake, no matter what your favorite flavor is. They also added two new superfoods: matcha and chaga. Get more info and eight tasty recipes here!

There was a Facebook LIVE discussion the other day all about the two new flavors and here are some of the questions and answers for easy reference.


1. A friend of mine is drinking vegan Shakeology 2 x a day. Would you recommend her doing this? She is using them as snacks on the go and is vegetarian.
I do NOT recommend drinking it twice a day! It is a safe formula, but you want a healthy lifestyle: sleep, water, whole foods, and exercise. She should be bringing a different second snack with her, apple and almond butter, carrots and hummus, etc. I have on occasion drank it twice, but it was because I couldn’t find any food or traveling in a 3rd world country.
2. How does the caffeine content of matcha compare to regular green tea?

They will typically have between 12 and 20 mg of caffeine per serving which is very low caffeine.

3. I cannot have the regular protein powder formula but I do not want to miss some of the nutrients because I need to have the vegan formula.. Am I?

The vegan formula is 100% real food. You can’t beat that for nutrition!

4. Will vegan chocolate and tropical strawberry get chaga and matcha in them too?
Yes! All the flavors will have chaga and matcha in them in the upcoming months.
5. The new formula is across the board not just vegan, correct?
Yes, it is a new formula for all the flavors.
6. Is Stevia Leaf still used?

The stevia is in the formula still. It is a natural plant that has antiviral and antibacterial properties to it besides adding sweetness.

7. Did Chaga or Matcha replace another ingredient?

No, they did not replace any other Superfoods! They are new additions.

8. Is the vegan formula as super packed as the regular formula?

Yes, just the protein powder is different and there is no vitamin fortification in the vegan formula, so the numbers on the label are different. I explain this in the video.

9.Gluten free?

Shakeology is made with gluten-free ingredients. However, all Shakeology formulas are in a manufacturing facility that also processes known allergens such as soy, milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and wheat (gluten) ingredients. So if you have celiac disease or are incredibly gluten sensitive to even bits of cross contamination then you should avoid it. However, most products have this warning label on it, so it is up to you to decide.

10. Why does shakeology not agree with some people? I don’t have any food allergies but can’t seem to drink shakeology it kills my stomach and makes me feel horrible. it’s so sad because I love the taste.

Sounds like you have a gut imbalance. The Probiotics and fiber can upset the stomach if you have bad gut bugs, such as a candida overgrowth or parasites, or you have leaky gut or possibly food sensitivities going on. You can try starting with 1/4 to 1/2 a scoop and seeing if you still get stomach issues. Most people respond well with starting with a smaller amount until their gut bacteria adjusts. You can slowly work your way up to a full dose from there. You can also work with an integrative practitioner to get tested for these.

11. Why wouldn’t all the favors just be vegan anyway?

There are many people who are not sensitive to dairy. Some people are also sensitive to some of the Vegan proteins. We want to give everyone their best choice!

12. Any chance of it being labeled GMO free and organic?

Due to Shakeology’s exotic sourcing, certifying every exotic ingredient organic is very complex. I discuss how seriously we take sourcing in the video. Something can be labeled organic and still contain contaminates, such as heavy metals.

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