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What’s In the 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack?

I am so excited because my 22 Minute Hard Corps package arrived in the mail. I have already been accessing the workouts and meal plan online with Beachbody On Demand. But it is REALLY exciting to touch the real deal!

Why The Challenge Pack? You get a complete fitness program, one of five delicious Shakeology flavors (choice of bag or packets), and a FREE 30-day trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club, access to FREE COACH and it's all for only $140 (this month). That is an $85 savings. This boils down to only $4.66 per day so if you mean business, I highly recommend you invest in yourself. Is your health worth $4.66 per day - I say YES you are worth it. Beachbody also offers a full money-back guarantee, so if it ends up NOT working, you have 30 days to return. it.

You truly have no excuses if you are ready to make this happen. So are you ready???? GET YOUR CHALLENGE PACK HERE

When you commit to this challenge, you receive the following items in your challenge pack which will set you up for success in our accountability group:


  • All-natural, dense, superfood nutrition that keeps your nutrition in check and your body functioning at peak performance!

  • Your choice of flavor and packing preference

  • Bulk Bag: Single Flavor; 30 servings

  • 24 Single Packets: Multiple Flavors; 24 servings

  • 8 Challenge workouts (2 DVDs)

  • 8 total-body cardio, resistance, and core routines

  • Quick Start Mission Guide: tells you everything you need to know to get started with your program

  • 8-week Basic Training Action Plan: tells you which workouts to do when. No guessing on which workout to do each day. It’s all laid out for you!

  • “Rations for Results” Nutrition Guide: This program follows the 21 Day Fix nutrition system so you can expect a SIMPLE approach to good nutrition as part of this program.

  • Cold Start Pre-Workout Drill: A separate warm-up routine to get you pumped before your workout begins. If you are just rolling out of bed and you need a pre-workout drill to warm-up… this is what you’ll turn to!

  • Hell Week Challenge Card

  • BONUS GIFT!!! (when ordering through me as your coach)

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success. Message me if you are ready!

Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips ......



Are looking for a coach for the 21-Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, or another Beachbody program? I'd love to add you to my next challenge group! ASSIGN ME AS YOUR FREE COACH TODAY and receive a FREE 7 day quick start guide which includes recipes and shopping list.




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