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Core De Force Adventures

Are you following my CORE DE FORCE adventures on my Facebooks page? If not make sure you CLICK LIKE and check my page out for my Daily Core De Force progress - this is a little preview of Power Sculpt which might be my favorite workout to date ..... I have to admit I stop short of sticking with each of these moves about 10 - 15 seconds.... I am amazed that Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews don't even stop for a water break!! 😜 I look forward to the day I can hang strong the entire minute with these moves!!!

Top Reasons I am loving this program so far ...

1. It's a total stress reliever throwing punches and kicking really allows you to release that built up tension 2. No Equipment Required!!! All body weight moves which means if my children take over the living room with Saturday morning cartoons, I take it outside! 3. It's only 30 days which means if I stick to the plan, don't go to far off course ... I will see results in one short month and I've been dying to do some damage to 10 pounds that don't want to seem to go away, I know don't focus on scale but come on it's gotta go!!!

If you are interested in this program I would love to connect and get you into our Holiday Survival Guide group starting the Monday after Thanksgiving! MESSAGE ME FOR DETAILS

#byebyebabyweight (6 years later ... #dontjudge )

Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips


Are looking for a coach, friend, someone to relate to YOUR struggles, celebrate your victories and overall SUPPORT your journey????

I'd love to add you to my next challenge group! 




#coredeforce #beachbodyondemand #homeworkouts #getfitathome

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