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Thanks for stopping by my site! I aim for this page and my blog to be supportive, motivating, helpful and a place that will bring a smile to your face every once in a while! So let's cover some of the deets .... 

My name is Nicole Bardugone, along with being an online Wellness Coach at Hustle and Heart Fitness, you can find me on Facebook as owner of Nicole Bardugone (please follow me over there for more great tips), I am also a Mom to two amazing daughters Gia Lola 9 / Francesca 12, a dog mom to Diesel & Darryl who are often referred to as dumb and dumber,  I am a LOVE to a super supportive guy,  and a full-time Director of Operations for a family owned business in Sunny South Florida.  I am passionate about what we eat and how it affects our health and I love empowering other women to become their best selves. I have my own weight-loss transformation and know the struggle, it has lead me to now run monthly challenges utilizing programs that I believe in and KNOW work. I am blessed to have supported so many amazing women on their journey to find health. Below you will find links to different resources on and off this site that I hope you find useful. If you are interested in changing your life and being part of a supportive group while learning how to change your eating habits and have a group of kick-ass women by your side REACH OUT!

My Blog
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Fuel Your Body Right

Deerfield Beach, FL -  United States