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Why I Love Drinking Shakeology®

Shakeology is something that lives up to what my body needs for a daily dose of dense nutrition. 


What's in Shakeology?

Shakeology is a premium superfood shake containing healthy ingredients, including super-proteins, super-fruits, super-greens, antioxidants, adaptogen herbs, pre and pro-biotics, and digestive enzymes. The amazing benefits come from herbs, roots, fruits, and vegetables that range from the commonly known, like pomegranate and blueberry, to the exotic, like goji berry and maca root. These incredible whole food ingredients from around the world, uncooked and unprocessed, provide a wealth of superfood nutrition all in one shake.


Prebiotics, Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption*

  • Aids digestion

  • Support a healthy intestinal tract

  • Increase the absorption of nutrients

  • Shakeology contains many ingredients that are beneficial to the digestive system.

  • Prebiotics, natural components of certain plants, help support the "friendly" bacteria in your digestive tract.

  • Probiotics are strains of live good bacteria that help with the digestive process. They assist the body in absorbing nutrients and minerals, bring an overall balance to the digestive tract, and help support the immune system.

  • Digestive enzymes, from sources such as pineapples and papayas, help your body break down food into its individual components, making the nutrients easier to absorb.


  • Help promote a strong immune system

  • Help increase energy

  • Help protect the body from stress

  • Help balance endocrine hormones and the immune system

  • Adaptogens are special herbs that grow in harsh climates and conditions, at high elevations, atop mountains where the soil is rocky and oxygen in the air is thin. Because these plants have to adapt to harsh conditions, they have highly concentrated nutrients that can help your body cope with stress, provide energy, and maintain a strong immune system. Shakeology has a total of 9 adaptogens - more than any other shake out there.

Antioxidants and phytonutrients (plant-sourced ingredients) may help maintain health*

  • Help neutralize harmful free radicals

  • Help decrease inflammation

  • Help maintain the immune system

  • Potentially decrease the risk of degenerative diseases

  • Many of Shakeology's fruit and vegetable sources have been chosen for their high concentration of healthy natural substances known as phytonutrients, including flavonoids, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and catechins. These substances have antioxidant properties, meaning they help neutralize molecules known as free radicals, which damage cells and may contribute to the aging process. In laboratory tests, phytonutrients have shown promise in helping prevent a wide variety of degenerative conditions.

23 Vitamins and Minerals your body needs to function for optimal health*

  • Get a wide range of essential nutrients

  • Get your necessary vitamins every day

  • Make up for dietary deficiencies

  • Most of us don't get the complete range of essential vitamins and minerals in our daily diets. Some important vitamins, such as vitamin B and C vitamins, are water-soluble, meaning they're flushed out of your body after a short time and need to be replenished regularly. Others, like vitamin E, can be difficult to get enough of in food. Shakeology Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Greenberry provide all these nutrients in an easy-to-take form, so you never have to worry. (Tropical Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate do not have the vitamin and mineral ingredients added.



Shakeology's Bottom-of-the-Bag Guarantee:

Take the first step toward improving your health by trying Shakeology for the next 30 days. If you don't feel healthier, more energized, and simply amazing, you won't pay. If you're not completely satisfied, simply call Customer Service within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price, less shipping, and handling —no questions asked.


Even if your bag is totally empty!


There's Really No Comparison.

There are many meal replacement shakes on the market that are less expensive. But if you read the labels, you'll see for yourself there really is no competition. With Shakeology you get more than you pay for.


How Does Shakeology Stack Up?

  • Formula? 70+ of the healthiest ingredients from whole-food sources. Advantage: Shakeology.

  • Sweeteners? No artificial sweeteners, flavors, fillers, or additives of any kind. Advantage: Shakeology.

  • Taste? Delicious Shakeology in 5 mouthwatering flavors (vs. artificially flavored competition). Advantage: Shakeology.






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