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Enrollment Now Open! Spots are limited!

➡️ Looking to get fit for summer?👙 ➡️ Needing help with meal planning? 📝 ➡️ Wanting your nutrition to be on point?🍎 ➡️ Seeking accountability and support ✅ ➡️ Interested in tracking your progress?? 📋

If yes, this challenge is for YOU! PREP start this weekend ☀️

What is a Challenge Group?

A Challenge Group is a private group that provides support and accountability towards your health and fitness goals. It is led by a coach but the real value comes in the community with others who have also committed to a Beachbody workout program chosen to best suit their goals. By combining fitness, nutrition, support, accountability, and community, a Challenge Group plays a significant role in helping participants achieve their goals! Each member receives individual attention, coaching, daily encouragement, accountability, a place to communicate struggles and victories, and a sense of community.

I hold these challenges once a month in a small group so that I may give the best attention possible to each challenge and they are anywhere between 21-­60 days long. Check-in isn’t required but it’s strongly encouraged and there are even prizes for the most engaged participants!

Why join a Challenge Group?

Lifestyle changes are hard. It takes sticking to a new routine for 3-­4 weeks before we see a habit developing. This is really hard to do on your own!! Most people don’t. Joining a community of like­minded people is crucial to your success. Knowing you are NOT alone is half the battle!

I believe and have witnessed these groups help to set myself and many others up for long ­term success in ALL areas of life. It pushes you to become more of who you were meant to be. We know our fitness struggles aren’t so much because we don’t know the “what” and the “how.” These groups dig into those places and help reveal what’s holding us back from being our best selves all around. It is here that we can come to terms with what has held us back in the past in order to let it go, grow and move beyond it in the future!

How do I get started?

I must be your assigned coach, so if you DO NOT yet have a coach or account:

If you do have a coach, reach out to them to see when their next group is.

If you do have a coach, but you have never heard from them or they are no longer active - ASSIGN ME HERE Coach ID 669898 and Email -

If you aren’t working with another coach, fill out the form below to see you might be a great fit for my upcoming Challenge Group! Together we will figure out the best program for your goals based on your current fitness level, past experience, and interests.

Save your spot now by apply here :


Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips

Are looking for a coach, friend, someone to relate to YOUR struggles, celebrate your victories and overall SUPPORT your journey????

I'd love to add you to my next challenge group!





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