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80 Day Obsession Meal Plan with recipes & tips to keep you on track!

I am super excited to be starting 80 Day Obsession on Monday - it has been months since I sat down with a plan or used my portion fix container (slacker, I know) - I have slacked big time on my nutrition and my workouts so the timing for this is perfect! The 80 Day Obsession meal plan focuses on timed nutrition to get you max results fast and my plan is to push play around 5pm each day and my POST workout meal will be dinner. I am going to prep my lunches (meal 3 on plan) and snacks and the rest of my plan utilizes left overs each day!

Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips


80 Day Obsession Nutrition and Meal Plan

What’s different with 80 Day Obsession is the targeted approach to nutrition. It uses the same portion fix containers as 21 Day Fix, but this time you’ll get a time-sensitive approach. You’ll also fall into a bracket – based on a calorie calculation using your current weight and goal – similarly to 21 Day Fix. However, with 80 Day Obsession you know exactly what containers to eat when, using a targeted approach to maximize athletic performance and fat loss. You’ll get a pre-workout and post-workout meal.

If you’ve done the 21 Day Fix or Hammer & Chisel or any of Autumn's other programs then the portion-control containers are the same, so this plan can work for you too! What’s different is the containers are eaten at a specific time each day.

Download Meal Plan



Nutrition Tips to Keep You on Track

80 Day Obsession is intense, so if you want to crush it, you’ll need razor-sharp focus and serious motivation — along with a few helpful strategies to set yourself up for success:

1. Prep your meals in advance

Meal prep can help you stick to your healthy-eating goals, and it’s even more crucial when you’re trying to navigate the super-strict schedule for 80 Day Obsession.

Fill your color-coded containers at the beginning of the week so you can focus on following your schedule without worrying about what you’ll eat at each meal.

Check out my MEAL PREP BLOG POST to help you learn how to prep.

2. Set meal reminders

You know when you get caught up in your work, forget to eat lunch, and suddenly it’s 3 p.m. and you’re starving? That’s not going to fly with a timed nutrition plan.

Write out your workout block, write out the times for the rest of your meals, and put timers in your phone!

3. Make Shakeology part of the plan

Not in the mood to roast a chicken or wait for tempeh to bake? Whenever you see a red (protein) container on your meal plan, you can have Shakeology instead.

The superfood protein shake provides the nutrients you need to get the most out of this program.

Message me - if you want to TRY IT before you buy it - I can hook you up!


Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips

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