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Love Your B.O.D Online Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

Work out because you LOVE your body! I'M LOOKING FOR 10 LADIES that want to completely redefine transform and sculpt their bodies!! You won't need ANY equipment or gym .. NO complicated machines or heavy weights.. NO long hours with a personal trainer.. You actually don't even need to leave your house!! AMAZING.. right? Promise to give me your all for just 30 minutes a day and TOGETHER we will get you sculpted, leaned out, 100% confident and completely bikini ready as well as learn to portion control with our super easy, fun and custom portion control eating system. I don't count points, calories or macros! I do NOT starve myself! I focus on EATING CLEAN for maximum results and minimal pain! All workouts are done from the comfort of YOUR own home on YOUR schedule. You can live anywhere in the US or Canada! You'll have ME as your personal coach!!! I promise to give you 110% and walk you through every step of the program, beginning to end! It's Time to COMMIT to changing your life. SUMMER BODIES are made in the WINTER! Here's what's Included ♥ - DVD or ONLINE home workout Pack - 7 custom color coded portion control containers - Shakeology for 30 days to get you results that much faster (my secret weapon) - ME as your personal coach - Complete custom meal plan and meal prep designed for your journey - Shakeology shaker cup for on the go days ! - A T-shirt for when you send in your results I've helped OVER 100 women change their lives and create these amazing results and I'd love to help you too!!! If you are interested please email me AND send me a facebook message that says "SAVE ME A SPOT!" .. space is very limited!! First come, first in! Let’s do this! Keep tabs on my EVENT all week for more details and a sneak peek into what challenge groups are all about!


Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips


Are looking for a coach, friend, someone to relate to YOUR struggles, celebrate your victories and overall SUPPORT your journey????

I'd love to add you to my next challenge group!





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