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21 Day Fix & Shakeology Transformation

I can totally relate with momma right here... After gaining 60 lbs from her pregnancy, ( I gained 65) she wasn't happy, she'd lost all her confidence and she was aggravated when nothing fit anymore. (I never wanted to go anywhere for those same reasons) She's tried diet pills & cutting back on junk food but nothing worked..... Until she saw other people she knew doing a program and having amazing results that she decided to try it. She wanted to do it for her son, and she wanted to do it for herself - to be healthy & comfortable in her own body. She's had such an incredible transformation and is one of the Beachbody challenge winners so I wanted to share her story for anyone out there can relate: "I've lost 80 lbs with just the 21 day fix and shakeology and I'm proud to say I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight/size. I have gained back my confidence, I'm stronger, feel better then ever and I have more energy. I'm excited to see what I can do next!" The easy-to-follow workout program and fool-proof containers made the plan easy to follow. Shakeology played a huge role in my weight loss results. It helped give me energy, made me feel full, cut cravings and helped with digestion. Participating in a challenge group helped me stay motivated!" If you are READY to make a change in your life message me for details to join my next accountability group!

Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips

Are looking for a coach, friend, someone to relate to YOUR struggles, celebrate your victories and overall SUPPORT your journey????

I'd love to add you to my next challenge group!





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