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Kid Friendly Clean Eating Swaps

Since my girls were little they have always been good eaters, what I mean by this is they always ate what we did. Unfortunately for years prior to me finding the FIX this was often fried, fatty and processed foods - so when it came time to change we had to make subtle changes, so subtle they never even noticed!
Here are some changes that have worked for my family and my kids have not noticed or at the very least they have given a try and realized they still enjoyed the food! Maybe they will work for you and your family.
  • Buying whole grain frozen waffles instead of regular - Vans Whole Grain are our favorite

  • We swapped Unsweetened vanilla almond milk in their cereal - their choices of cereal can be better, but it's about balance

  • Buying whole grain bread instead of white bread, or at the very least honey wheat

  • Subbing sour cream for plain Greek yogurt (they still have no clue I do this)

  • Buying natural peanut butter with no added sugar

  • Buying fruit preserves or all fruit in place of jelly

  • Adding hidden veggies in meatballs or muffins (Here are two of our favorite recipes): MEATLOAF CUPCAKES OR BANANA ZUCCHINI MUFFINS

  • We swapped prepackaged sugary oatmeal for steel cuts and we add our own brown sugar

  • Sweet potatoes and homemade sweet potato fries have taken place for white potatoes

  • FIXATE macaroni and cheese in place of Kraft boxed

  • Chocolate chip Larabars in place of granola bars

  • Purchase low sodium deli meats

  • Make KID FRIENDLY dinner recipes

I think getting them involved is another way for them to EMBRACE the HEALTHY changes, my girls love to cook with me which helps because when I try a new recipe if they put their hands on it they are more likely to eat it!

Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips ......


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