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Shakeology vs. Advocare

Shakeology vs. Advocare

So many friends are posting on social media about Advocare, I hear about challenges including their products and wondered what the BUZZ was all about. I was even told that their shakes were similar to Shakeology and since I LOVE to know what nutritional options are out there in an effort to keep my challengers informed - I thought why not see what Advocare was all about!

I found lots of article but one really summed it all up for me you can check it out here.

It breaks down that label to label there is no comparison - Shakeology has few calories, fewer carbs, less fat, less sugar, less sodium - ummmm do you need more....

Well if you do - here are what stood out most to me:

  • Shakeology contains natural sweeteners derived from the Stevia plant, this is currently the safest on the market. Advocare is sweetened with sucralose and maltodextrin. Do you know what maltodextrin is???? Me either and I recently read a very disturbing article about Splenda (sucralose) being linked to Leukemia!

  • Soy - unfortunately US produced soy is genetically modified and has been said to have serious health risks - including mood swings, depression, anxiety to name a few.. If you haven't been informed yet of the danger of soy you can read about them here . I am happy to report that Shakeology is SOY free

  • Shakeology provides over 70 superfoods, natural, not synthetic, vitamins and nutrients, which are not available in Advocare products.

  • Shakeology is ALL NATURAL and derived from whole foods - Advocare contains synthetic and isolated vitamins

The cost for both is comparable, even though Advocare reps would have you believe otherwise. Advocare cost approximately $45 per box, containing 14 servings of the meal replacement shake. That breaks down to $3.21 per serving. Shakeology, at retail costs $4.33 per serving ($129.95 per bag, containing 30 servings) with the coach discount price, is $3.97 per shake. That's not so far off, especially considering with Shakeology you don’t need other supplements or a multi-vitamin.

I love when people decide to take control of their health and wellness…no matter WHAT program they choose to go with. I think that it's important to know exactly what you are putting in your body too! While Advocare is ultimately working toward the same goal to end obesity I personally am uncomfortable with some of the items that make up their shake.

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