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21 Day Fix Approved Sweeteners

You can still have your coffe and sweeten it too! I have had so many challengers wonder about sweetners and whats approved while on 21 Day Fix. If you refer to the the Tea & Coffee Bar section (p. 15) you will see that you can have one to two teaspoons of raw sugar, honey, molasses, or maple syrup in up to two cups of tea or coffee each day. In other words you can have up to a maximum of four teaspoons a day.

The question then is can you add all four of those teaspoons to foods other than tea or coffee? What about adding it to yogurt or fruit? Technically, yes.

Does Beachbody recommend it? Not really. Per their BLOG POST - "Think of it this way. 99% of the 21 Day Fix is laid out for you. No muss, no fuss. But still, you have a few choices. This is one of them. Choosing to use just one to two teaspoons — or none at all — might be a great way to take personal responsibility.

If you are struggling against your sweet tooth, you might use the 21 Day Fix to wean yourself off of sugar."

Sweeteners to Avoid:



Sweet’n Low/Sacchrin

White Sugar

High Fructose Corn Syrup

I think for me this was the hardest - I mean whats wrong with SPLENDA - no calories in it right? Well with the exception of stevia, calorie-free sweeteners are artificially made from chemicals. Recent studies have shown that these artificial sweeteners can affect brain function, cause seizures, cancer, and other side affects. In other words, they TOXIC for your body. It is also shown that they can still affect your blood sugar spikes causing hunger. SCARY STUFF RIGHT THERE!!

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