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5 Ways to Save MONEY on Shakeology

How to Save Money on Shakeology #1:

When you first order Shakeology, be sure to choose the Home Direct option to get free shipping (you can cancel that anytime, or even skip a month or two. You can modify your shipping dates and flavor options at any time in your account.

How to Save Money on Shakeology #2:
Club Membership

Sign up for a Club Membership and save 10% . This membership includes access to the On-Demand library….HUGE VALUE! The Club membership is only $2.99 per week and the content is amazing!

How to Save Money on Shakeology #3:

When you get a Challenge Pack through, it comes with a full program and a month of Shakeology at a reduced rate. There is usually always a Challenge Pack on sale for $140 – just a little bit more than Shakeology alone. To me, it’s a win win. Often times you are spending only $15 more to get a program when you purchase shakeology - PiYo is on Sale this month and it is an awesome program - you can check it out here

How to Save Money on Shakeology #4:

Beachbody coaches get 25% off Shakeology, so if you’re going to order more than one month you’ll recoup your coaching fee of $39.95 in two orders. (If you previously purchased a challenge pack in the past 12 months - this FEE get refunded to you as well)

BY FAR THE BEST DEAL: Your coaching fee is waived if you buy a challenge pack when you sign up. By far the best deal is to sign up with a $140 Sale Challenge pack, get a program AND Shakeology, and start getting Shakeology at a discount month two.

Don’t let the term “coach” scare you! Many people sign up to be a coach for the sole reason to get the Shakeology discount. Beachbody set up the coaching opportunity in such a way that even for those who don’t want to do the business, can save 25% on products like Shakeology. The Shakeology discount alone is worth it if you plan on using Shakeology on a regular basis. There is a one time fee of $39.95 and a monthly account maintenance fee of $15.95. The monthly fee covers your two web sites that Beachbody provides to you, your coaches online office (COO).

Of course if you’d love to do more with your Beachbody business than just get a discount on Shakeology, I’m here to help you with that as well. This is why I decided to become a Beachbody Coach.

How to MAKE MONEY on Shakeology #5:

Also, as a coach, if you decide to recommend Shakeology to others you will earn a 25% commissions on every sale. Once your friends see your success, they will ask you what you’re doing – so it’s easy to just give them your link to order when they do. The commission isn’t just on the first shipment either, it’s for every month your friend continues with Shakeology. Start referring them to the challenge groups as well, start earning even MORE.

Want to discuss options or have questions - MESSAGE ME - I am here to help!

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Are looking for a coach for the 21-Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, or another Beachbody program? I'd love to add you to my next challenge group! ASSIGN ME AS YOUR FREE COACH TODAY and receive a FREE 7 day quick start guide which includes recipes and shopping list.




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