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5 Tips for Staying on track over the weekend!

The weekends are usually a time to relax and enjoy my family, but with all that relaxation I so often find myself skipping my workout and relaxing on what is going in my MOUTH! So there I am undoing all the hard work I did all week and come Monday I am left feeling awful! If you are like me and run the risk of sabotaging all your hard work - here are a few tips that can help to keep you on track:

1. Mindset is KEY! Stay on track by committing to eating the same healthy foods and portion sizes as you do during the week. It’s easy to slip into the state of mind that tells you the weekend is time to indulge, but it's mind over matter, so get your thoughts right and feed your body right!

2. Eat Before Events

Enjoy a filling snack to curb appetizer grazing at parties especially those delicous fatty dips! (They get me everytime) I like to have my shake before we are going some where this satifsflies both my sweet tooth and keeps me feeling full.

3. Pack Healthy Snacks Throw some bars, nuts, or fruit in your purse and bring them with you on your outings. Having something healthy on hand will prevent you from running to the concession stand or the drive through when you are hungry.

4. Eat Smart When Eating Out Take time to review the menu before you go, stick to eating lean meats or fish (not fried or breaded) and veggies. Asking for dressing or sauce on the side will help you to avoid those extra calories!

5. Increase Your Workout You can double up on your videos or just incorporate some fitness fun into your day - my family and I LOVE roller skating, swimming or long bike rides, so these are ways I am able to have fun and burn a few extra calories. (BONUS)

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