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21 Day Fix Extreme Transformation

#TRANSFORMATIONTUESDAY's are amazing when you can share 50 lbs GONE!!!! Martha never worked out and had poor eating habits. She was overweight and struggled keeping up with her kids. She started with 21 Day Fix EXTREME and kept going for an impressive 7 rounds and lost 50 lbs! (HELLO ROCKSTAR) Check out what she says: “As soon as I began 21 Day Fix EXTREME, I noticed an incredible boost of energy right from the beginning. I knew it was from working out and fueling my body with the proper nutrients that I had been lacking. The weight melted right off.” ✨21 day fix extreme (simple fitness, simple nutrition) and Shakeology along with showing up everyday and pushing past her excuses! Was it easy? NO - did she always want to work out or follow her meal plan - HELL NO! In the end though she did push hard and it payed off! This journey isn't about fitting into a swimsuit or a favorite pair of jeans (although, that is a HUGE plus). It's about setting habits, learning how to fuel your body with healthy nutrition, it's about discovering you can love yourself and your body at every stage in life and at every size. If you're try to start your journey, shoot me a message so we can chat to decide how I can help you on your way!!!! #whatareyouwaitingfor #21dfx

Looking for daily motivation, inspiration, clean eating recipes and fitness tips ......


Are looking for a coach for the 21-Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, or another Beachbody program? I'd love to add you to my next challenge group!




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